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  1. GPD opens virtual tour!

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    Gadsden Pacific Toy Train Operating Museum is now open … online only.  You can “walk” through the grounds, “tour” the museum, “climb”into the caboose, even “climb” up into the cupola! You can “walk” around the outdoor garden G scale layout and all around and through the museum interior.  Just click here for our Virtual Tour page.

  2. GPD meetings go Zooming!

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    Gadsden Pacific moves to Zoom teleconferencing for informal meetings—our bylaws dictate formal meetings must be in person—with a training session Wednesday, April 29th and a general gathering Friday May 1st, both at 7:00 P.M.  Board President Bill Nunn hopes these sessions will ease the disconnectedness many active members are experiencing, derailed from their favorite social and hobby gathering place.

  3. Best of the Northwest 2020!

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    We are gratified to learn we have been named “2020 Best of the Northwest” for Place for Family Fun. And we earned a 2nd for Place for a Kid’s Party. Thank you!


  4. Gadsden Pacific cancels all public events, meetings held at the museum in March

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    After conferring with members of the board of directors, GPD President William Nunn issued this statement: “In an effort to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, we are canceling all events and meetings at the museum for the remainder of the month of March. Work at the museum may continue, but no members of the public will be permitted on the property. At the end of this month we will re-evaluate the situation and take appropriate measures in accordance with other Tucson organizations and the Mayor’s office.”

  5. Festival of Books canceled

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    Way bummed that the #TucsonFestivalofBooks has been canceled. We understand that a third of the authors scheduled have canceled their appearances. Here’s what you would have seen in that booth. Looking forward to next year.

  6. John Allen’s “Timesaver” puzzle in an app!

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    GPD member Doug Potter has found a new puzzle application for iPhone and iPad he wants to share.  This graphic game representation of the classic toy train puzzle, Timesaver, is offered in a free “lite” version and a complete version for less than six bucks with 100 increasingly difficult puzzles to solve.

    The app’s introduction tells us: “John Allen (1913-1973), a photographer and model railroader, is best known among model railroad enthusiasts for his “Gorre and Daphetid Railroad” (pronounced Gory and Defeated), his attention to detail, and his switching puzzle, Timesaver.  A master of scratch-building, model scenery, and weathering his models, he was also known to include humorous scenes on his train layout.

    “Playing Timesaver for iOS at the highest level replicates the classic version of John Allen’s game.  While hosting operating sessions for Timesaver John Allen would often have a loud clock ticking and taunt players with ‘helpful’ comments .”

    Potter says the ticking clock is now digital, but a railroad figure drops in to tease players whenever they make an obvious mistake. You can find John Allen’s Timesaver in the App Store.

  7. Granddaughter’s GPD Logo

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    My granddaughter saw my efforts to play with a new logo for the museum. (It’s a hobby/habit of mine, drawing—trying to draw—logos.)  Anyway, she asked to draw one. You see hers above.

  8. Steam Engine Pulling Ride-On

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    Little Steamer video

    The engine pulling the 7 1/2” gauge ride-on train is a real steam locomotive. Hearing that whistle and smelling that coal smoke mean you’re enjoying a little bit of true American transportation history. But be safe! Stay a safe distance from that engine. That boiler is very hot. Have fun, but make sure your kiddos understand touching the little steamer is not a good idea.

  9. Portable layout nearly completed

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    Work on the portable layout continues. Inspired by lessons learned at last year’s Tucson Festival of Books, this layout fits nicely into the 10×10 standard booth and offers tracks for two trains to pass back and forth for visitors’ enjoyment.