Display Cases

Our display cases bring the beauty and wonder of classic trains and toys to a standstill, giving you all the time you need to take in every little detail. Is Lincoln’s coffin in the Lincoln funeral train?  Yes, it is. And that Lincoln funeral train was only one of three Lionel produced at the time. Two went to GPD. One is here on display. Another was raffled off as a museum fundraiser. Lionel kept the third as a model for future replicas.  Look up at the miniature circus!  Look closely at the 1930’s Lionel Hudson. It was donated by the widow of a man whose father bought it for him on the day he was born.  Appreciate the G scale Union Pacific Big Boy and Challenger, powerhouses of the 1940’s treks over the Rockies and Sierra Nevadas.  Frequent visitors will recognize the smaller Challenger, retired from service overhead only recently.