Rio Grande Steel Sided Caboose 01433

The 01433 began its life in the Burnham Rail Yards in Denver, Colorado. Built between the months of June and July of 1944, the caboose was in active service until 1986 for the Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad.

While sitting in the scrap yard, 01433 and another D&RGW caboose, 05014 were purchased by an individual in Denver with the intention of being restored and used as museum pieces. They were stored in an RV lot for several years without being restored until they were sold in 2001. The 01433 was purchased by the owner of a hobby store in Arizona City for $7500. The 01433 and the 05015 cabooses were trucked down to Arizona and placed in the parking lot of the hobby store. The new owner cleaned up and restored the cabooses to their current condition, including uncovering the windows which were covered over in the early 1980’s with steel plates.

In 2005 the owners closed down the hobby shop and moved out of state. The new owners of the commercial property wanted the cabooses removed and the Gadsden Pacific was offered the 01433. The sister caboose was sent to Chandler to the Arizona Railway museum where it is now owned by a private individual. 01433 now resides on the GPD property and is usually open to visitors during our open houses.