GPD member Doug Potter has found a new puzzle application for iPhone and iPad he wants to share.  This graphic game representation of the classic toy train puzzle, Timesaver, is offered in a free “lite” version and a complete version for less than six bucks with 100 increasingly difficult puzzles to solve.

The app’s introduction tells us: “John Allen (1913-1973), a photographer and model railroader, is best known among model railroad enthusiasts for his “Gorre and Daphetid Railroad” (pronounced Gory and Defeated), his attention to detail, and his switching puzzle, Timesaver.  A master of scratch-building, model scenery, and weathering his models, he was also known to include humorous scenes on his train layout.

“Playing Timesaver for iOS at the highest level replicates the classic version of John Allen’s game.  While hosting operating sessions for Timesaver John Allen would often have a loud clock ticking and taunt players with ‘helpful’ comments .”

Potter says the ticking clock is now digital, but a railroad figure drops in to tease players whenever they make an obvious mistake. You can find John Allen’s Timesaver in the App Store.