If you love model trains, consider becoming a member and get involved!

The Gadsden-Pacific Division Toy Train Operating Museum is a volunteer driven non-profit whose success hinges on the amazing people that share their passion for the craft! We’d love to have you become part of our organization and participate in the magic of model trains with other like-minded folks!

What does that look like?

Great question! Membership is $60 per year. We’re very much a “learn by doing” kind of organization, and we want our members to learn how to operate trains, meet other train enthusiasts and discover what train scales appeal to you. Beyond that, you can be as involved as you want. This might include building model train sets, maintaining existing model trains, building sets and scenery or simply just helping around the facility.

Associate Members pay $25 annually but may not vote.  They must also live at least 50 miles from Tucson.  Regular Members pay $60 annually, vote and after a year may run for election to our Board of Directors.

How to Become a Member

New members must visit our gift shop to join. So please join us at a biweekly Sunday afternoon open house and visit the gift shop to get started!

Current Membership Renewals

Already a member and want to renew?
Just complete the form and push the PayPal button.  You can use any credit card to renew your $60 or $25 membership.

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