Gadsden Pacific Division Toy Train Museum on Track to Success Thanks to Union Pacific Railroad


Tucson, AZ, Sept. 20, 2022The Gadsden Pacific Division Toy Train Museum is the proud recipient of a $9,000 Union Pacific Railroad Community Ties Giving Program grant, which will be used to replace 50 aging fluorescent fixtures in the museum with LEDs.  This will increase illumination within the building so visitors can clearly see the vibrant colors and details on the layouts and display cases.  The LEDs will also consume less electricity.


The Union Pacific Community Ties Giving Program provides small and medium size grants that align with the railroad’s priorities in the areas of safety, workforce development and community spaces.  


“Union Pacific is proud to be part of aproject that will shine a little extra light on the great work being done at the Gadsden-Pacific Division Toy Train Operating Museum,” said Lupe Valdez, senior director – Public Affairs for Union Pacific. We are also pleased to be investing in a high-quality, nonprofit program that adds such value to the community.”