Tucson Festival of Books

Gadsden Pacific looks forward each year to our participation in the Tucson Festival of Books.  Our first experience in 2019 was an eye opener.  We learned all sorts of important lessons: when to set up the booth (the night before), where to park, what to bring (a bigger, more reliable train layout, large photos of the museum and lots more flyers and calendars), what not to bring (lots of books to sell, an unreliable small train layout, a video monitor and DVD presentation), when to pack up and where to line up for loading out.

Our plans for the 2020 affair are built on those lessons.  We’re bringing a much larger, much more secure O scale portable layout and two tables to support it.  Visitors to our booth will be delighted by multiple trains circling and passing each other.  We’ll have large photographs of the museum displayed.  And we will have informative literature each visitor may take with them.